About Us

The YBSC is located at 197D Stephen St in Yarraville. Its premises is sponsored by Reventon and has been named the Reventon Snooker Academy. The premises is also the home of the Victorian Billiards and Snooker Association (VBSA)

The Yarraville Billiards and Snooker Club (YBSC) is a sub-club of the Yarraville Club.

One of the 8 full size tables is a Star Table, which was formally used at the Goldfields World Professional Snooker tour event in Bendigo.

YBSC Commitee 

 President Jason Colebrook
 Vice President                  Craig Turner
 Treasurer George Hoy
 Secretary Aaron Mahoney
 Committee member Kevin Stone
 Committee member Don Delamotte
 Committee member Dave Paterson